“Helping people doesn’t have to be an unsound financial strategy.”
-Melinda Gates

For Advisors

The power of partnership is important to those clients who seek to deepen their philanthropic commitment.   While estate planning, tax and wealth advisors help clients put their dollars to work,  Nadel Philanthropic Advising  helps to put giving to work by partnering  with advisors to integrate philanthropic strategies into clients’ overall estate and financial plans.   


We add value to your services by bringing a complementary level of expertise to your client.  

Specifically, Nadel Philanthropic Advising Works With Advisors To:

  • Expand  and complement the depth of services offered to clients
  • Deepen client relationships through conversations guided by clients’ moral compass, passions and societal interests
  • Broaden clients’ ESG portfolios by aligning values-based investing with philanthropic investing.
  • Acknowledge the value of legacy creation as part of the wealth management process
  • Create added value beyond money management, estate planning and/or financial consulting
  • Determine how best to integrate charitable giving goals into broader financial plans
  • Save clients time and effort in creating their personal philanthropy

Nadel Philanthropic Advising does NOT advise clients on tax or estate planning, but instead works with advisors to guide clients on a philanthropic journey that will generate great personal satisfaction and meaning.